Taurus Cash APK Download | Bonus ₹30 to ₹1500 | Withdraw ₹100

Taurus Cash APK Download :- Friends, I have a new article for you after a long time. Inside, I’ll tell you about the Taurus Vungo Application, which was released by Teen Patti Master Apk. You can earn money by playing a variety of games. And if you want to get Taurus Cash App, go here. You can also get the Taurus Cash App by clicking on the Download Button below.

Taurus Cash App
Taurus Cash App

How would you feel if we told you that you could play games for money online if you like to play games but don’t have a way to earn money? If I told you that, you wouldn’t believe me. Although it’s difficult to imagine, it is now possible. Teen Patti Games, which let you make thousands of rupees just by playing card games, have proliferated in recent years. If you want to make hundreds of rupees while relaxing at home and playing games,

App Name : Taurus Cash APK. Taurus Vungo APK,
APK Size :63.32 MB
Sign-Up Bonus : ₹30 – ₹1500 Bonus
Min. Withdrawal : Rs.100 – ₹1000
Min. Add Cash : ₹100/-
Game Type :-Teen Patti & Rummy
Download : Taurus Cash Download

About Teen Taurus Cash App

Taurus Vungo App is an incredible online Teen Patti Game App, as the name suggests, allows you to become wealthy by playing the game. This is an application that allows you to make real money online by playing card games with a large number of others.

You can earn money by playing a variety of amazing card games like as Cricket Star, Kama Sutra, TP War, Teen Patti, Rummy, Slot, and more. You’ve also been offered a variety of features via which you can earn additional money. If you want to get Taurus Cash APK, remain with us to the very end.


Taurus Cash is the name of the application we’re going to speak about today. You will all receive a bonus of up to 224 if you participate in this. However, if you make an account within it, you will receive an immediate bonus of ₹18. However, we have provided detailed details on how to obtain the bonus that will be earned in the future.

How To Register On Taurus Cash APK?

Taurus Cash APK Create Account
Create Account

You’ll need to register when you download it. If you’re unsure on how to proceed, do the following: Once you have downloaded the Taurus Cash Apk, creating an account is really easy. But if you don’t set up your account wisely, you could run into a lot of problems. You are all thus asked to carefully comply with the instructions given below.

  1. Open the game when you’ve downloaded and installed it.
  2. When you first launch the app, you will notice a Register option on the side, which you should select.
  3. After that, a page similar to this will appear in front of you, where you may enter your mobile number or password and then click the OTP button.
  4. A 6-digit OTP will now be sent to your phone number. After that, your account will be successfully created.
  5. Now you must fill out the OTP that was sent to you. Your account will be validated, and you will receive a ₹15 bonus right away.

If you want to make money playing rummy games, this is the place to be. As a result, you must read this article from beginning to end. Because you will benefit greatly from this rummy game application. Here you’ll find a number of excellent ways to read revenue. Let us now utilise this text to provide you with information on Taurus Vungo APK.

Supported Games in Taurus Cash APK ?

Taurus Cash APK

Taurus Cash APK is an application that supports more than 18 various sorts of games, thus one benefit of signing up for an account is that you will be able to play a variety of games. The list below includes the names of all the games as well as information about each of them. You can play 18 different card games in this game, all of them are connected to rummy and three card games. Any game that is appropriate for your ability level can be played here. By placing bets on any game on this website, you can also earn real money.

Friends, It’s been mocked by Teen Patti Master APK. Inside the Taurus Cash App, there are 18 different types of games. You can make money while sitting at home by playing Taurus Cash App. Winning games can also be found within this program. We’ve included a list of all of those games below.

  • Teen Patti Game
  • Point Rummy Game
  • Andar Bahar Game
  • 7 Up Down Game
  • Fantasy Cricket Game
  • Jhandi Munda Game
  • Dragon Vs Tiger Game
  • 3 Patti War Game
  • Red vs Black Game
  • 777 Slots Game
  • Golden India Game
  • Baccarat AB Game
  • Wingo Lottery Game
  • Muflis Teen Patti Game
  • Zandu Game
  • Pot Blind Game
  • AK-47 Teen Patti Game
  • Lucky 3 Patti Game

The whole list of 18 different games may be found above. You can make money while sitting at home by playing Taurus Cash APK.

How To Download Taurus Cash App ?


If you also want to download and utilise Taurus Vungo App on your smartphone to earn real money by playing card games like Teen Patti, you can do so by immediately tapping on the Download Button link. We understand that you are all eager to download the Taurus Cash Apk, therefore with that in mind, we have provided a download link for Taurus Cash App below.

  • You have to click on the download button I have given above. Then you will reach the download page of the Games.
  • Now you will see the button of Download, if you click there, then a pop up will open below that Download and not, then as soon as you click on Ok, the game will start downloading in your notification bar.
  • Now after downloading you have to install it.

Taurus Cash Mod APK Download is not something to be concerned about. Simply click the download button provided below to get this application. The software will be downloaded to your smartphone after that, which you can then install and play.

Friends, today we’re presenting you the recently published game Taurus Cash APK, which comes with a 51-rupee bonus to everyone who downloads it. You can win cash playing this rummy card game. This rummy application is brand-new. By playing any of the games offered, you might earn a sizable sum of money in a single aap month. Withdrawals through Taurus Cash Mod App happen quickly as well. To learn how to make money from start to finish, read the entire post attentively after downloading it from the link below.

Free Bonus Program in Taurus Cash APK !

Taurus Cash App Free Bonus Program
Taurus Cash App Free Bonus Program

To get this program, first of all, you have to install and open the app and click on the free button, in this you get a free bonus of up-to ₹ 200, but you have to follow some of its rules, which are as follows. Is.

  • First of all invite a friend
  • If friends have joined from your link, then the claim button will be highlighted.
  • If you reach level 10 of Taurus Vungo App and you start getting 33% commission then you will be able to claim this 200 bonus

How To Add Money Taurus Vungo App ?

Taurus Cash App Add Cash Program
Add Cash Program

You can loot as much money as you want using this program, but you must first deposit at least ₹100 in order to play. You can add money to this APK by following the instructions below: Friends, if you want to get money by playing all of the games, you must play the games within it. And you’ll need at least $100 to play the games.

The games can then be played. To contribute money, go to the Add Cash icon and click it. After that, you can put at least 101 in this box. The most you can put in is 20001. You can add money to your UPI account.

  • To do so, simply launch the Taurus Vungo App and select the option to Add Cash.
  • Following that, a number of payment options will show on your screen; select the amount you wish to add.
  • To make a payment, you must first select a payment method.
  • After you’ve completed all of this, click the Add Cash Button at the bottom. You can add as much money as you desire this way.

If you want to fund this Teen Patti app, the good news is that you can do so for as little as ₹100 and in a matter of seconds. Because if you run into any problems, simply follow the instructions mentioned below in detail, and you’ll be able to add money to this app without difficulty.

Cards Program in Taurus Cash Game ?

Taurus Cash Game Cards Program
Cards Program

Under this program you get 2 features, the first feature is for 7 days and the second feature is for 30 days and both these programs also work in a very fun way, so that you can earn a lot of money, this program is for all It is not present inside the applications, but these programs are present inside Taurus Cash APK, from which you can earn very well.

  1. 7 Days :- If you guys invest ₹ 500 in this program then you will keep getting ₹80 per day and this is valid only for 7 days, and you will get ₹ 100 immediately. But if you go to this program, then you are going to get a total of ₹ 660 in it, in which your profit is going to be ₹ 160, due to which this program also proves to be very good.
  2. 30 Days :- If you guys invest ₹3000 in this program then you will keep getting ₹100 per day and this is valid only for 30 days, and you will get ₹ 1000 immediately. But if you go to this program, then you are going to get a total of ₹4000 in it, in which your profit is going to be ₹ 1000, due to which this program also proves to be very good.

Note :- Friends, you can use two types of card programs in this, about which we have told you everything in detail in the above list.

How To Withdraw Money In Taurus Cash APK ?

Vungo Taurus Cash Game Withdrawal Program
Taurus Cash Game Withdrawal Program

To withdraw money made using this app, you need a bank account or a UPI account. After that, you can withdraw your funds. In this case, a $100 minimum withdrawal has been maintained. You must first add a bank account in order to submit a withdrawal request. You can then quickly request a withdrawal. You’ll be happy to know that you may deposit money you’ve earned in the Taurus Cash App into a bank account. Please adhere to the steps below if you choose to do so.

  • To send money from this APK to your bank account, you must first open it.
  • Here you will find a Withdrawal option, which you should select.
  • Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw at the bank, and then complete your KYC by providing all of your bank information.
  • After you’ve completed all of this, click the Withdrawal Button at the bottom. Money will appear in your bank account shortly after that.
  • Keep in mind that you must have at least ₹100 in your home account before making a withdrawal; only then will you be permitted to make withdrawals.
  • After that, click the “Withdraw” button, and then fill up your bank details by selecting a bank.
  • After filling in your bank details, you’ll input your withdrawal amount in the amount box. Then you’ll click the “Withdraw” button, and your withdrawal will be completed.
  • To check the status of your withdrawal, go to the Withdraw section and select the “Record” button to see all of your records.

In this app, you have two withdrawal options: one is a bank account, and the other is a UPI account. With a minimum withdrawal rate of 100, you can withdraw people using one of the two payment methods. The best thing is that the application is payment-verified in its entirety. And, in this situation, whatever withdrawals you make will be successful in your bank account. Also, if you’re having trouble quitting, follow the recommendations below.

VIP Gift Program in Taurus Cash APK !

Taurus Cash App VIP Gift Program
VIP Gift Program

Friends, you can use the VIP bonus features in this application to obtain a free bonus. Under VIP Bonus Features, you can receive the Sign In Bonus, Weekly Bonus, and Monthly Bonus. If you want to obtain a free bonus here, you must first become a VIP member. You must have at least ₹500 in your account to purchase VIP membership.

Your VIP membership account is authorised after you make a deposit of 500, at which point you can start claiming Sign-In Bonuses, Weekly Bonuses, and Monthly Bonuses. Additionally, you have a selection of VIP membership packages to pick from. Depending on the VIP membership package you select, you may be eligible for a range of perks.

  • Daily Bonus :- If you guys want to get Daily Bonus in this, then you can get Upto upto ₹1 in this.
  • Weekly Bonus :- If you guys want to get Weekly Bonus in this, then you can get Upto upto ₹5 in this.
  • Monthly Bonus :- If you guys want to get Monthly Bonus in this, then you can get Upto upto ₹50 in this.

Note :- Right now all this program is not working but a time is given under it, after that time all this program will start working

Is “Taurus Cash APK” Safe

The Teen Patti Game Application Taurus Vungo APK has undergone extensive testing. A reputable Teen Patti firm made this software. It had previously developed a variety of Teen Patti and Rummy game applications before the company. Despite the fact that this application was just just released, thousands of players have already utilised it to withdraw money while playing the game. You will all really benefit from this curriculum. Because this app is fresh to the market, you can benefit fully from its introduction.

Daily Rewards Program in Taurus Cash App?

Teen Patti Circle APK Daily Rewards Program
Daily Rewards Program

Friends, now talk about the Daily Bonus Program in Taurus Cash App, Daily Bonus is also given in it, so you can also earn by claiming Daily Bonus in it, which we have given below and click on the green Claim button to claim You can also get it by doing this. Which has been given a very good program, if we talk about my opinion, then I have liked this program very much, from which any person can get free bonus very easily, in which you can also get Upto ₹ 135 from Daily.

  • 1 Day = ₹5 Free Bonus
  • 2 Day = ₹8 Free Bonus
  • 3 Day = ₹10 Free Bonus
  • 4 Day = ₹5 Free Bonus
  • 5 Day = ₹8 Free Bonus
  • 6 Day = ₹15 Free Bonus
  • 7 Day = ₹135 Free Bonus

Taurus Cash APK Refer & Earn Program

Taurus Cash App Refer & Earn Program
Taurus Cash App Refer & Earn Program

Friends, you can earn a lot of money in this New Rummy Earning App by playing games only by doing new Refer and Earn. For that you can Refer and Earn Kar by downloading the App from there in this post which I have given in the Download button. To below I have also shown in the photo Refer and Earn Program of this App To let me now tell you how to Refer and Earn.

  • First and foremost, you must select the Refer and Earn option. Then, in the snapshot,
  • Wesa will appear in front of you. Now you must copy the URL by selecting the share icon from the drop-down menu.
  • Download the Taurus Vungo App and get a 30 percent bonus.
  • You can invite participants to the game by sharing this link with your friends, family, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and blog.
  • Your player will deposit money, and 10% of it will be used to play Wo Game. You will receive a 30% tax refund, and you can ask for a direct withdrawal.
  • Your commission can be made at any moment. You can claim your Refer And Earn Section Me Aa by entering it in the id and withdrawal laga.
  • The more people you refer, the more money you’ll make, so refer as many people as you can.
  • You can also get money by recommending people to the program through Share Option. Let me explain what Share Option is.

Earn Money by Refer & Earn

Circle Teen Patti APK Refer & Earn Money
Refer & Earn Money

Friends, if you want to earn money by referring and earning inside this application, then if you earn money by referring and earning, then you will get an instant bonus of ₹ 20 on each referrer and 30 percent commission on each income.

And the best thing about this application is that there is no limit in this application that you will be able to earn so well by forwarding the address, in this application you will be able to set unlimited, that too sitting at home, so if you also want to earn money Download this application as soon as possible

How To Play Game in Taurus Cash APK ?

Friends, as we all know, the majority of people today play 3Patti and Rummy games to make money. But the biggest problem with heavy users is that they don’t know how to play games like Teen Patti and Rummy. These people are thus unable to gain anything from their participation in the Teen Patti and Rummy games. As a result, there is a How To Play Game option in this programme. Here, you can find very simple instructions on how to play games like Teen Patti and others.

This application’s setup option has a How to Play Game option. As soon as you select this option, you will be taken to a page where you will be thoroughly instructed on how to play Teen Patti Game and Ami Game using step-by-step photos. You open a Guest Account and practise well by playing Teen Patti Game and Rummy Game after learning all the rules of playing Teen Patti Game and Rummy Game.


Does Teen Patti game application pay?

Yes, friends, the Teen Patti game allows you to withdraw your application payment. But I’d like to point out for everyone’s information that only 20% of the apps on the market currently offer Teen Patti Game Application Payment Withdrawal. The remaining 80% of the Teen Patti Game Application is a blatant scam that will not refund your money. So, before you download any Teen Patti game program to play the game, make sure you have all of the necessary information.

You’ll need a reliable Teen Patti Game Application if you want to use it to earn money and pay your bills at the same time. By the way, there are already over a lakh Teen Patti game apps available online and in the Google Play Store. Only 20% of these Teen Patti Game Apps are 100 percent trustworthy, though. If you utilise the appropriate and reliable Teen Patti gaming software to play the game, you may easily withdraw your money from this location.

Account Creation Process in This APK !

Taurus Cash APK Create Account
  • So you will see the option of shop in the dahsboard of the game, click there, as soon as you click, a pop-up like the photo above will open.
  • Now you will see the option of payment as in the photo, you can add as much money as you want to add. The best is 1000 Rs because in that you will get 1000 Add Karoge To as well as extra bonus then you can do 1000.
  • Now by clicking on the payment you want to add, click on the Add cash button below. Now you will get the option to enter Email, Mobile and Name.
  • Now you will get the option of paytm, Upi, bank for payments, from which you have to click there and ask for details, fill that payment app (like paytm, phone pay, google pay) and submit it. Now you have to open this app back in your mobile size, your money will be added to your id with extra bonus.

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Customer Support Taurus Vungo Game

Circle Rummy Game Customer Support
Taurus Cash Game Customer Support

If you ever have an issue with this App’s Adding or Exiting Payment feature, you can contact the Customer Care Officer for assistance. You have been provided with two customer service WhatsApp numbers through which you can resolve your issue by speaking directly with a customer service representative.

FAQ “Vungo Taurus Rummy App”

Q.1 : Is my cash secure ?

Ans. To safeguard the safety of financial and personal data collected from players, our Game application employs various security mechanisms. We make certain that we comply with data privacy laws and that their slots and other games are audited by third-party security firms.

Q.2 : How to Create Account in Taurus Cash game?

Ans. If you are a new player, choose Play as a Guest. Then, enter your mobile phone number by selecting your Avatar icon. From the drop-down menu, choose the Bound selection. Your mobile phone number and a password of your choice should be entered into the form. When you choose OTP (One Time Pin), a text message with a code will be sent to you. To complete registration after receiving the code, click Confirm. Enjoy the game and welcome to it!

Q.3 : How to Recharge ?

Ans. Open your game account and then click Pay on the game lobby page. After you’ve chosen your desired recharge amount, click Add Cash to continue. Select your preferred payment option and go to the next step, which will instantly redirect you to the payment merchant page.

Q.4 :What is the minimum amount of recharge?

Ans. The minimum recharge is 10 rupees, while the maximum recharge is infinite.

Q.5 : How to make a withdrawal ?

Ans. On your game lobby, click Withdraw, then select the withdrawal option you wish (bank or UPI), enter your desired withdrawal amount, then click Withdraw.

Q.6 : What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

Ans. The minimum withdrawal amount is 30 rupees, while the maximum withdrawal amount is infinite.

Q.7 : What is the maximum withdrawal per day?

Ans. Withdrawal is up to 5 times a day.

Q.8 : What are the withdrawal options?

Ans. We accept withdrawals via bank card and UPI.

Q.9 : How long does it take for my game account to be recharged?

Ans. In most cases, a recharge credits to your game account in 5–10 minutes; but, occasionally, due to bank delays, we may be unable to accept your payment and credit to your game account right away. For further help, you can monitor your payment with our Customer Support.

Q.10 : What if my withdrawal to my Bank or UPl account hasn’t arrived after 72 hours?

Ans. If you have not received your withdrawal within 72 hours, it will be refunded to your game account, and you will be able to make another withdrawal.

Q.11 : Is my money safe while I’m withdrawing it?

Ans. Yes. Please don’t be concerned about your money; we will keep it safe throughout the procedure.

Q.12 : How can I get in to the Taurus Cash game after completing the registration process?

Ans. Only registered players can log in. Log on by pressing the Log on button. Enter your registered mobile phone number as well as the password you created.

Q.13 : What should you do if you get an error message (Illegal Input) while attempting to bind your bank or UPI information?

Ans. Please double-check the information; if it’s not, close the application and try again in 15 minutes. Still unable to bind? For assistance, please contact customer service.

Q.14 : What should you do if the prompt “Number Already Bound” comes while registering for the game?

Ans. This cell phone number has already been used on another account, so if you want to register for the game, please use a different one. Please be aware that you are only permitted to have one game account per computer or mobile phone.

Q.15 : What to do if you forget your password?

Ans. Click the Forget password button to change your password. After entering the necessary data, select OTP (One Time Pin) to receive a code by text. Click OK when you get the code to completely alter your new password. When you log in, you can see it.

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