Shagun Rummy APK Download | Bonus ₹20 | Rummy Wala App

Shagun Rummy APK :- If you like to play games on your smartphone, then today’s article is going to be very useful for you. Because today we are going to share you Rummy Sagun App in this article. Which you can also download from our website. Friends, let us tell you that in today’s time almost every smartphone user likes to play games in his mobile in his free time. But there are very few people who are earning money by playing games. But today we are sharing you Rummy Wala App Game.

Shagun Rummy APK
Shagun Rummy APK

Today smartphone has become a very good source of earning online. There are many people who are earning money sitting at home by using Smartphone through internet. There are also many such people who how to earn money sitting at home? Looking for ways to do this. If you are also looking for the source of earning online. Then this article can prove to be good for you. Because today we are going to share you Shagun Rummy Game Application in this article.

Title :-Shagun Rummy APK Download | Bonus ₹20 | Rummy Wala App
App Version :-v1.1.1.2
Sign-Up Bonus :₹30
Mn. Cash-Out :₹100
Supported Games :Total 15 Games
Download Link :Shagun Rummy Download

Where you can play online games to entertain and earn money online as well by having fun. From here you can earn money by playing games. So Friends, if you also want to earn money by playing games on mobile in your spare time, then definitely download the Game App mentioned in this article. Rest of you all the information related to Rummy Wala App 2022 has been shared below. So let’s know –

About Shagun Rummy APK

Shagun Rummy APK
Shagun Rummy APK

Rummy Wala App which has been launched recently is a game application. In which you get to play many types of games related to Rummy. You can also win money by playing these games. The facility to transfer the money won from this game directly to the bank account is also given in this app. Let us tell you that along with earning money by playing the games available in this app, you can also earn money by sharing it with friends with the help of Refer and Earn Program available in this app.

Totally we can say that this app is very good for the user who is fond of the game. If you also want to earn money from this game, then definitely download it in mobile in the way mentioned below. To download this app and all other information related to it is given below.

Feature Of Rummy Wala App

Very good features have been given in Rummy Shagun App. About which you can know below –

  • Refer And Earn: Rummy Wala App provides the feature of Refer and Earn. From where you can earn 80 rupees on every referral by sharing this app with your friends.
  • Play Our Language : Rummy Shagun App is available in many languages ​​like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil. You can play games here by selecting any language.
  • Instant Cash Withdraw : Wala Rummy App allows its user to withdraw cash. Meaning that you can transfer the money you win by playing the game from here to your bank account.
  • Customer Support: The feature of customer support has also been included in the Shagun Rummy App. From here users can get help for any of their problems. This is a pretty cool feature. of this app.
  • 100 Safe, Secure, Legal : Rummy Wala APK is a Legal Apk. Keeping this in mind without any security, you can download this app in your mobile.
  • Ultimate graphics and visual interface: The graphics, and interface of the game application are very important for any gamers. That’s why the makers of this app have given high graphics and user friendly interface.
  • Chat with Friends: The feature of Chat With Friend has been given in Shagun Rummy APK. This means that you can also talk to the gamers with whom you are playing the game in this.
  • Easy To Use: All the features are given separately in Rummy Wala Game. which can be used easily. Simply put, any new user can use this app.

Available Games In Rummy Shagun Apk

Rummy Wala Games
Rummy Wala Games

By the way, the Rummy Wala Application offers a large variety of games since the company has supported each and every form of game that can be played within this Application. This enables the application to support a greater number of games than other applications. This application offers support for a number of different games, some of which include Dragon VS Tiger, Car Roulette, and Zoo Roulette. In addition to this, you will have access to a vast selection of games, some of which are included on the following list:

1.Teen Patti9.Horse Racing
2.Rummy Points10.A & B War
3.Ander Bahar11.Wingo Lottery
4.Dragon Vs Tiger12.7 Up Down
5.Lucky Fruit13.Joker Teen Patti
6.Shagun Envelpopes14.AK47 Teen Patti
7.Car Roulette15.Zandu Teen Patti
8.Jhandi Munda

Note :- that the application gives you and your people access to a broad variety of activities; however, you need to keep in mind that there is a financial risk associated in playing these games, and as a result, you face the chance of losing your people if you participate in any of them. Remember this for later.

How to Download Shagun Rummy APK ?

Knowing about Rummy Wala App, of course, you must also want to download it on your mobile. If yes, then below has been told about the complete way to download it, by following which you can easily download it in your mobile –

Step 1– First click on the download button given below.
Step 2- As soon as you click on the button, it will be downloaded in your mobile in some time.
Step 3 – After the process is completed, you can check it by going to the memory card.
Step 4 – You will find it in the download folder of the card.
Step 5 – You have to click on it.
Step 6 – After clicking on it, it will be installed in the mobile.
Step 7 – After doing you you have to register here.

How To Add Money Rummy Shagun App ?

Rummy Wala App Add Cash Program
Rummy Wala App Add Cash Program

When you play any game present in this app, some money will have to be added. It is very easy to add money in this app. Because a separate option of Money Add has been given in Rummy Wala App. Where you can easily add money by entering your UPI ID and UPI PIN.

If you play a lot of games and the game’s words aren’t enough, you can insert 11 into it. Debit card, UPI, or Net Banking are convenient ways to fund your account. You can add up to 100,000, but I don’t encourage it. 100,000 can be added. After installing the game, you must buy in-game currency to play. You must click Add Cash. After that, you can input 100. You can add 201001 if you like. Follow these steps to add money.

  • Step 1: This method begins with the first step consisting of clicking the Add Cash button that can be found on the main page.
  • Step 2: In the second step of the process, you will be presented with a number of different amount options to choose from. Choose any one, then click the button that says “Add Cash.”
  • Step 3: In order to finish the Know Your Customer process, which needs you to submit either your phone number or email address, you must first add cash for the first time.
  • Step 4: After that, a payment page will load in front of you. This page will allow you to contribute funds by utilising any of the available payment options.
  • Step 5: After the successful completion of your payment, your money will be deposited into your account in a secure manner.

How To Cash Withdraw Shagun Rummy App ?

Rummy Wala App Withdrawal
Rummy Wala App Withdrawal

This shows the withdrawal function, which lets you send unused game funds to your bank account. You can withdraw using UPI or a bank, and you can apply in either way. First is UPI, then Bank. If you win money in Rummy Wala Game, click Withdraw and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, enter your bank account or UPI information. When you create a program account, your bank account information is immediately entered.

There are many games available to earn money in Rummy Shagun App. If you have also earned money by playing any game and now you want to transfer the earned money to your bank account, then follow the steps below –

  • Step 1 – First you have to open Wala Rummy App.
  • Step 2 – Click on the option of Cash Withdraw.
  • Step 3 – A new page will open in front of you.
  • Step 4 – But you have to select your bank, fill in the amount you want to transfer and click on Transfer option by entering Bank IFSC Code.
  • Step 6 – By clicking on the transfer option, your bank

Refer And Earn Program

Shagun Rummy APK Refer & Earn Program
Shagun Rummy APK Refer & Earn Program

Many users who may be reading our article who do not have experience of playing games like Teen Patti, Rummy or Poker, then there is no need to be sad. Because, in this application you are given a great feature of Refer and Earn. Through which you can get a bonus of ₹ 50 on a referral just by sharing the link of this application with your friends. And when your same friend adds some recharge money in his application’s wallet, then 30% of it gets credited in your wallet.

Friends, This game offers great Refer & Make Programs, through which you can earn a large sum daily if you talk about its benefits, then ask your friends to play, and then every friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend. If friends use the game’s recharging feature, You receive 30% commission software on recharges since it’s so wonderful, and you can get it forever when your players recharge. You can also claim 100 Invites. If you invite friends and they recharge in-game, you get a 30% commission because it’s an excellent software.

  • Step 1: Open Shagun Rummy APK and tap Refer and Earn.
  • Step 2: Share your referral link with friends and ask them to share. – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and YouTube…
  • Step 3: Your friends must download the app and create an account after tapping your referral link.
  • Step 4: You’ll get his referral pay.

If you want to make money without playing games, try this. The second choice gives you a 30% commission. Invites get you a bonus. If your friends play the game after recharging their accounts, you’ll get a 30% additional commission.

VIP Bonus Features In Rummy Wala Game

If you want to play free game in this application. You get VIP bonus features for all users to play free games in this gaming application. You can get free bonus of thousands of rupees every month in this application through VIP bonus features. To get the free bonus in this application, you must first activate the VIP membership account by recharging ₹ 500 in your account.

Shagun Rummy APK VIP Program
Shagun Rummy APK VIP Program

You can claim free bonus in this application after activating VIP membership account. Under VIP membership account, you get 4 different plans in this application. You can activate VIP membership account according to your budget. You get different benefits on different plans.

If you’re looking for an app with a variety of bonus schemes and want a bonus, check out this one, which has a loyalty scheme. You can get four different bonuses in the following ways. Send your friends Rummy Wala Apk if you’ve downloaded it. I’ll play the game inside. If you play video games, too. Funds are also needed. You won’t receive Weekly, Monthly, or Level Bonuses when you add money. For this,

  • Players of rummy are given a daily bonus. You do, in fact, have access to a daily bonus program that allows you to earn money for nothing and with no requirements. You will gain access to these balls after signing up for the service.
  • Weekly Bonus: You can choose which bonus you wish to earn after completing at least two levels in the weekly bonus program. This particular type of the program is not at all accessible. Weekly Bonus: This particular variant of the weekly bonus program is completely unavailable.
  • Monthly Bonus: – You can receive this bonus on a monthly basis; when one month has passed, you’ll be qualified for this year’s bonus. To be eligible for this bonus, you must, however, fulfil certain prerequisites, such as attaining level 2 or higher. Will happen.
  • VIP Benefit: Thanks to the way this program is set up, anytime you advance to a higher level, you’ll be qualified for this incentive. You will be qualified for this bonus, for instance, if you upgrade from level 2 to level 3 while you are already at level 2. will be capable of acquiring

Cash Back Bonus Features In Rummy Shagun Game

All you users get cashback bonus on playing games in this application. When you play a game in this application and lose the game, you are given a cashback bonus from the company. Under Cashback Bonus, a cashback bonus ranging from 2% to 9% is given in this application if you lose a game of ₹ 500 to ₹ 100000. This bonus is Automatically credited to your Account after 12:00 PM.

Within this application, whenever you do any kind of recharge or make any kind of withdrawal, then you are also given a discount and different types of cashback program on it.

Weekly Bonus Features In Shaugn Rummy APK

All you users can get free bonus of lakhs of rupees every week under weekly bonus in this application. The benefit of Weekly Bonus can be availed by only and only those users who make referral income in this application. In this application, the more referral income you earn every week, the more weekly bonus you are given by the company. You can get weekly bonus from ₹ 500 to ₹ 200000 in this application.

If your employees earned a total of one thousand dollars or more during the previous week, then you are eligible to utilise the weekly incentive that has been developed for a very good agent. However, you are only eligible to use this bonus if your employees have been very good agents. This bonus is a wonderful addition. On Monday, if you have a commission of at least 1,000, which is possible according to some of the following tables, in which you will receive different amounts on different quantities, you will be eligible for this incentive. If you do not have a commission of at least 1,000, you will not be eligible.

  • Make between 1000 and 3000 and receive 500 every week.
  • Make between 1001 and 5000 and You’ll Get a Weekly 1000.
  • Make between 501 and 8000 and receive 3,000 every week.
  • Make between 8001 and 10,000 and receive 6,000 every week.
  • Make between 10001 and 15000, and You’ll Get 10000 Every Week
  • Make between 15001 and 20,000 and receive 15,000 every week.
  • Make between 20001 and 30,000 and receive 20,000 every week.
  • Make between 30,000 and 50,000 and receive 30,000 every week.
  • Make between 50000 and 80000 and receive 60000 every week.
  • Make between 80001 and 100,000 and receive 100,000 every week.
  • Earn from 1,000,000 to 999,999,999, and Receive 200,000 Weekly

Customer Support

On the home page of this application, you get the customer support option. Through customer support option you can talk to direct customer care officer in this application through live chatting. Whatever your problem related to this application is solved by the customer care officer as soon as possible.

Note : This game involves financial risk, you may get addicted to this game. So my request to all of you users is that you play this game at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you face any kind of problem in this application then you yourself will be responsible for it because it is a kind of gambling game. In case of financial loss in this application, it will be your own responsibility.

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Shagun Rummy APK FAQ’s

Question 1 : How much signup bonus do you get in Rummy Shagun APK?

Answer: ₹20 signup bonus is available in Rummy Wala APK.

Question 2 : How much minimum payment can I withdraw in Shagun Rummy APK.

Answer: Minimum ₹ 100 payment can be withdrawn in Most Rummy APK.

Question 3 : How much minimum payment can I add in Rummy Most APK?

Answer: Minimum ₹ 100 payment can be added in Rummy Most APK.

Question 4 : How much cashback bonus do you get for adding payment in Rummy Sagun APP.

Answer: Cashback bonus ranging from 2% to 3% is available on adding payment in Rummy Wala APP.

Question 5 : How much referral commission is available in Shagun Rummy App.

Answer: ₹ 100 referral commission is available in Wala Rummy APP.

Question 6 : Is Rummy Shagun APK Safe

Answer: Rummy Wala APK is verified and trusted Rummy Game.

Question 7 : Can we earn money by playing free games in Rummy Wala APP.

Answer: Yes you can earn money by playing free games in Rummy Most APK. For playing free games in Rummy Shagun APK, you get a free bonus of thousands of rupees.

Important Notices :- Take note that there is a possibility of losing money with this game. This is a game that has the potential to become addictive. Therefore, on behalf of all of you, I ask you to play this game on your own initiative and at your own discretion, as well as at your own risk. If you experience any form of monetary loss as a result of submitting this application, you will be responsible for it. In the event that you suffer a financial loss, you cannot blame us, our team, or the owner of the website in any way.


Friends, this was our today’s article in which we have shared Rummy Wala App with you. I hope you must have downloaded and downloaded this app in your mobile. How did you find this game application useful, do tell us by commenting. Also do share it with friends.