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Rummy Ares APK Download, Rummy Ares App :- If you and your friends are interested in making money online with the use of a smartphone while you are relaxing at home, then the information that we are sharing with you today is perfect for you. Because today we are going to talk to you in this article about such an amazing game Apk that you may download. Where you can make a significant amount of money by participating in gaming activities.

Rummy Ares APK Logo
Rummy Ares APK Logo

New Update :- With the new update now this application allows withdrawal quite successfully! And you people will not have any problem in this, now you guys can download this application.

Ares Rummy APK is something that will be covered in this article today, so you have absolutely no need to doubt that statement. It gives you the opportunity to win money while gaming online. You can begin playing the game here with a signup bonus of ₹51, and if you win any amount of money from ₹100 to ₹10,000, you will be able to deposit it into your bank account.

Apk Name :Rummy Ares APK
Sign-Up Bonus :Rs.51/-
Official Website
Share Bonus :₹80 to ₹100
Min. Withdraw :₹100/-
Commission :30%
Launch Date :09 September 2022
Download :Rummy Ares Download

If you want to learn how to download this game software in its entirety so that you can start making money with it, continue reading this paragraph. Therefore, let’s read the entirety of this article.

About In Ares Rummy APK !

Rummy Ares APK - All Rummy App List
Rummy Ares APK

Ares Rummy APK is a Rummy application for mobile devices. Since its release in August 2022, the Ares Rummy Android application package (APK) has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users. this application, where a large number of games of this kind have been provided. Where you can win money by participating in various online games. You can not only earn money by playing the game, but you can also earn money by introducing people to our application. Additionally, the money made from using this software can be sent directly to any bank account of your choosing.

Rummy Ares APK includes a number of additional features that are of a very high quality besides this. Which is going to be really helpful for the person using the system. Therefore, if you are interested in downloading this game as well, make sure you read the entire post.


Rummy Ares APK Feature Offerings

Rummy Ares APK has provided users with a number of useful features. which you will find more information on below.

  • 100 Safe, Secure, Legal : The Rummy Ares APK is one of the apps that fall under the category of legal apps. Keeping this in mind, you can install this application on your mobile device without worrying about any kind of safety.
  • Multiple Bonus System: This game application provides you with a number of different features, many of which are free to use. By doing out routine tasks within this gaming application in a very uncomplicated manner, you will be eligible for a free bonus that is worth thousands of dollars. Within this application, each and every one of its customers is eligible to receive a monthly free bonus of up to 50,000.
  • Multiple Gaming: This application provides all of its users with a selection of different games from which to choose when playing a game. You can win hundreds of rupees by playing games that correspond to your level of expertise, such as Dragon vs. Tiger, Andar Bahar Red vs. Black, and 7 Up 7 Down, which are all included in this application’s collection of card games.
  • The Greatest Visuals and User Experience Possible: The graphics and user interface of a game application are two aspects that are incredibly significant to every gamer. Because of this, the developers of this program gave it a high level of visuals and an interface that was easy to use.
  • Refer And Earn : Rummy Ares APK now has the ability to earn rewards for referrals thanks to a new feature called Refer and Earn. Where can you find the source of the money that you can earn by recommending this software to your friends?
  • Chat With Friends: This Rummy APK has a feature that enables users to chat with their friends, and it is referred to as “Chat With Friends.” This indicates that you are able to communicate with the other players while you are participating in this activity.
  • Quick Withdrawal of Earnings : The good news is that you will be able to deposit the money that you have earned directly into your bank account.
  • Customer Support: If you run into any kind of issue while using this app, you may get assistance from the developers of this app by heading to the Customer Support section, which is located within this app.

How To Download And Install Rummy Ares APK

If you wish to make money through playing the game, you may do so by downloading the Rummy Ares app on your mobile device. Therefore, if you follow the procedures that are listed below, you will be able to download this application.

Rummy Ares Download
  • Simply begin, you need to click on the Ares Rummy APK Download Button that’s been provided for you below.
  • Simply activating the download on your mobile device by hitting the button will get the process started.
  • It will be downloaded into your mobile device once some time has passed.
  • Proceed at this point to the Download Folder.
  • To download the Rummy Ares APP file, click the link provided.
  • If you click on the file to download it, it will automatically be installed on your mobile device.

How To Create Account In Rummy Ares APK ?

Rummy Ares App Bonus Program
Rummy Ares App Bonus Program

When you create an account in Rummy Ares APK, you are eligible to receive a registration bonus of 55 regardless of who you are. You are free to use this bonus when you sign up for the site. To begin playing the game on it, you will first need to register an account by following the instructions that are provided below.

  • Step 1: First, on your mobile device, you will need to Download and Install the Ares Teen Patti app before you can move on to Step 1 of the process, which is to Create an Account.
  • Step 2: The Guest Login for your application will be active as soon as you open this app on your device.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the Profile section of your account and select the option labelled “Bound Mobile Number.”
  • Step 4: At this point, a form will be displayed in front of you; within this form, you will be required to input your Mobile Number and Password before selecting the Get OTP option.
  • Step 5: An OTP will now be sent to the mobile number that you registered with. Check the one-time password.
  • Step 6: Your mobile number OTP will be validated as soon as your account is registered, and you will also receive a signup Bonus of 10 shortly after your account has been created.

How To Add Money In Rummy Ares APK

By following these procedures, you will be able to add money from Paytm, PhonePe, Bhim UPI, WhatsApp, Google Pay, and other similar services:

  • Step 1:: Launch the application, then navigate to the home screen and select the “Add Cash” button to begin the process of adding funds to your account.
  • Step 2: When this is complete, you will see an option labelled “Amount.” Choose the sum that you would want to add at this point.
  • Step 3: Now choose the method by which you want to add money to your account.
  • Step 4: Once you have completed all of these steps, you will need to click on the Pay button so that your money can be processed.

Refer & Earn Program in Rummy Ares APK ?

Rummy Ares App Share & Earn

Through the Refer and Earn functionality, each and every one of you users has the opportunity to make a limitless amount of money. If you promote this application within this gaming application, you have the potential to earn between ₹30,000 and ₹50,000 every month. To begin earning cash from referrals, you must first copy your referral link and then share that link across various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

You will make a greater amount of money on a monthly basis in proportion to the number of people that sign up for this application by using the referral link that you have provided to them. The majority of people who utilise this game application do so solely for the purpose of earning money through the usage of referral features. Aside from this, you will be able to instantly deposit the money that you earn from referral features into your bank account.

Share Program

If you acquire your Referrals through other people who Link and Join the firm, then the company will give you a commission. You are eligible for a ₹80 commission when joining a successful referrals program. In a similar vein, the company will award you a total Commission of ₹270 from them if you join through three successful referrals. In addition to this, the company will also pay you a commission for every member who joins the business through your referral.

The individual who you collaborate with on this application. When that player begins to participate in the game by depositing funds into their account. When you enter money into that game, you will be subject to whatever amount of taxation will be imposed on that money, and you will receive a commission equal to thirty percent of that tax. This money is guaranteed to follow you throughout your life. As a result, you can increase the amount of money you make by inviting as many people as you can to join with your referral link.

How to Share This Application ?

  • Launch the Rummy Ares app on your device.
  • After That, You Will See the Option to Earn for Referring Others.
  • Simply click on the button to obtain your personal referral link.
  • Now Share this Link Through Social Media Platforms Such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, etc…
  • You will receive a commission of thirty percent of any money that is added by your friends within the game.

Available Games In Rummy Ares !

Rummy Ares APK Games
Rummy Ares APK Games

Within this application, each user has access to a variety of different card games to play. Playing card games within this application could earn you thousands of rupees for your time. Below, we will provide you with details regarding each of the games that are accessible through Rummy Ares.

  1. ICC T20
  2. Dragon Tiger Fight
  3. Car Roulette
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Zoo Roulette
  6. CRASH
  7. Ander Bahar
  8. Roulette
  9. Rummy
  10. Baccarat
  11. Black Jack
  12. LUDO
  13. Teen Patti 20-20
  14. Best Of Five
  15. Ander Bahar Go
  16. Fruit Line
  17. Poker
  18. Fishing Rush
  19. Variation
  20. 10 Cards
  21. Teen Patti
  22. 3 Card Poker

VIP Bonus Features In Rummy Ares APK ?

Rummy Ares APK VIP Program

Everyone who uses the New Rummy Ares Game will receive a free bonus of thousands of rupees simply for participating in free games. With the assistance of the VIP bonus features included in this game-in-one program, players have the opportunity to earn Sign-In Bonuses, Weekly Bonuses, Monthly Bonuses, and Level Bonuses. In order to make use of the VIP bonus features, you will first need to activate the VIP membership account by depositing a total of 500 yen into your account. This is required.

As soon as the VIP membership account is activated, you will have the ability to make a claim for a free bonus. When you become a VIP member, you can choose from 12 different plan options to activate your account. You can activate the VIP membership plan by making a recharge of at least 500 and no more than 1900000 yen into the account. In this application, the various tiers of the VIP membership each come with their own unique set of perks.

How to Join VIP Program in Rummy Ares APK ?

  • Step 1 : Launch the Teen Patti 555 app on your device.
  • Step 2 : Tap on VIP button.
  • Step 3 : The next step is to click the “purchase” button.
  • Step 4 : Pick an amount greater than 501 rupees.
  • Step 5 : Click the button labelled “Add Chips.”
  • Step 6 : Now it is time to finish the payment.
  • Step 7 : As soon as your purchase is processed, you will be upgraded to VIP1 status.

VIP Promotion Rewards

If you are also a member, then it is very important for you to know about VIP Promotion Reward, because under this record, if you will be in any level of VIP, you will get a lot of profit on Add Cash. You can see all the programs about which you can see in this table given below, how many different types of bonuses you get here.

Dear member : The VIP level has recently been upgraded , and the promotion rewards are still ongoing. Join the VIP club right away , and you’ll be rewarded with billions of Rupees in bonuses The higher your level , the more bonuses you can receive.

VIPNeed to UpgradeWinningsWeaklyMonthly
VIP 00000
VIP 1500000
VIP 2Rs.10k103060
VIP 3Rs.30k154070
VIP 4Rs.80k205080
VIP 5Rs.150k256090
VIP 6Rs.250k3070100
VIP 7Rs.450k3580110
VIP 8Rs.750k4090120
VIP 9Rs.1.15m45100130
VIP 10Rs.1.65m50110140
VIP 11Rs.2.35m55120150
VIP 12Rs.3.25m60130160
VIP 13Rs.4.35m65140170
VIP 14Rs.5.65m70150180
VIP 15Rs.7.15m75160190
VIP 16Rs.8.95m80170200
VIP 17Rs.11.06m85180210
VIP 18Rs.13.45m90190220
VIP 19Rs.16.15m95200230
VIP 20Rs.19.15m100210240

Progress Bonus In Rummy Ares Game

Rummy Ares APK Progress Bonus

This gaming application’s Progress Bonus features will allow you to receive a complimentary bonus each and every week. Users who have earned in this application are the only ones who are eligible to receive the benefit of the Progress Bonus. Below you will find information that will guide you through the process of obtaining the Progress Bonus.

You will receive an additional fifty percent of your progress from this application. Imagine that you were able to earn ₹$4,000 through referral features throughout the past week. Now, thanks to the referral features, you will earn 10,000 for this week. Now you have to take ₹4,000 off of the total of ₹10,000, and then you will receive a progress bonus equal to fifty percent of the money that is still in your account. When we take ₹4,000 off of ₹10,000, we are left with ₹6,000 in total value. That is to say, you will receive a progress bonus of three thousand here.

Weekly Bonus Features In Rummy Ares

Rummy Ares Game Weekly Bonus

Through the Rummy Ares application’s weekly bonus features, users have the opportunity to earn a free bonus worth thousands of rupees on a weekly basis. Users that bring in revenue through referrals are eligible for a weekly bonus as well. You get weekly bonus every week. You have the opportunity to earn commissions ranging from 500,000 to 500,000 under the Weekly Bonus structure. Every Monday of the week, a credit for the Weekly Bonus Commission will be added to your account.

First Recharge Offer’s In Ares Teen Patti APK ?

If you are a new user and this application is being downloaded onto your smartphone for the very first time, then you are eligible for the first recharge offer. You have the option, as part of the initial recharge offer, to deposit any sum into your account, ranging from 51 all the way up to 1000001. You will receive a payback bonus ranging from 11 to 10001 when you add payment, which is deducted from the total amount. You are eligible for a variety of cashback bonuses here, depending on the amount that you deposit.

Daily Bonus Program in Rummy Ares App !

Rummy Ares APK Daily Bonus

This application’s Daily Bonus Feature makes it possible for you to receive a free bonus. Simply by signing into this application on a daily basis, you will be eligible for a free bonus. You are required to log in to this application on a daily basis and select the Daily Bonus option. You have the opportunity to collect a daily bonus that might be worth anything from 10 paise to 100 rupees here. The higher your VIP membership level is, the more daily bonus you are eligible to receive from this location.

Is Rummy Ares APK Safe

There is no need for you to be concerned about Rummy Vs. APK Safe. If you are interested in making money through playing rummy games, then you should instantly download this software for playing rummy games. Since this rummy game has only recently been released on the internet, you have the opportunity to get as much money as you desire from this location. Everyone is aware that whenever a new rummy game application is released, the potential for making money from it is really large. This is something that can be easily verified. Huh. Therefore, it is imperative that each and every one of you promptly install this application on your mobile device.

How To Download Rummy Ares APK

You need first visit the Settings menu on your mobile device before beginning the process of downloading the Ares Rummy APK. After that, there you turn on the Unknown Source option. After that, you can install this application on your mobile device by hitting the “Download Now” option that’s located up top. Because this is a safe file, there shouldn’t be any issues with using it on your smartphone.

Customer Support of Rummy Ares App !

Rummy Ares APK Customer Support
Rummy Ares APK Customer Support

Dear friends, within this application, you will have the opportunity to contact customer care. If you run into any kind of issue while using this application, then you may get a solution to your issue by speaking with the customer service officer that is located in this location directly. You have the opportunity to engage in live conversation with a representative of the customer service department through this platform.

Ranking Features In Rummy Ares Game ?

Within this Application, you have access to ranking functions. With the assistance of the ranking tools, you will be able to determine where you stand inside this software. In this section, the more money you win while playing the game, the more quickly your rating will increase. This section of the website displays the company’s ranking from number one to number ten. It is possible to place in the top ten in these standings if you have an excellent performance. This application offers a cash prize to any user who places in the top three of the rankings provided by the corporation.

Watch Video

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If you decide to download this application after reading about the other softwares, you need to keep in mind that it is a rummy application, and because of the difference between it and the other applications, there is an element of risk involved. Because of this, it is possible for you and other users to sustain injuries while playing the game. However, if you download this software even once, you will undoubtedly encounter it.


Q.1. What is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy Ares APK?

Ans. The Sign-Up Bonus is 51 in This Application

Q.2. How Many Supported Games in This Application?

Ans. is This Ares Rummy App, Company Provide All 22 Types of Game.

Q.3. When i Withdraw Money in This Application?

Ans. According to the rules and laws given in this application, if you complete ₹ 100, then you will be able to withdraw it.

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