Rummy Modern Pro APK | Bonus ₹51 | Modern Rummy App

Rummy Modern Pro APK :- Today we are going to tell you a rummy app in which you get a bonus of ₹ 41 and the most important thing about this application is that you can earn money by referring it inside this application. It is also Unlimited, whose name is Rummy Modern and if you want to download the latest version of it, then this article is definitely lying ahead in which you people are going to get the best and Modern Rummy Latest Version of this application.

Rummy Modern Pro Logo
Rummy Modern Pro Logo

Notice :- Friends, this application is very dangerous and you get a lot of programs inside this application, but in this you also have to keep in mind that there is financial risk involved in this application and if you do not play with care, then it will help you. damage can also occur

Details of Rummy Modern Pro APK

Post :Rummy Modern Pro APK | Bonus ₹51 | Modern Rummy App
App Category :Rummy, Teen Patti, Casino,
App Size :36.2 MB
Sign-Up Bonus :₹51
Referral Income :₹100/Refer | 30% Commission
Download Link :Go to Rummy Modern Pro Download Page
Min. Redeem :₹100/
Rummy Modern Pro App
Rummy Modern Pro App

Friends, if you guys download the Rummy Modern app , then before that you people should also know how much bonus you get in it or what programs you get to see in it, although this is an application in which You get a chance to earn money by playing Rummy Game , but apart from this, there are many other programs in which you are going to benefit a lot, that is, you are going to earn a lot of money inside this application, first of all. The thing is, whenever you download this application and create your account, you will get a bonus of ₹51 immediately.

Supported Games in Rummy Modern Apk

In this application, you get to see many good and many different types of games in which you people also get us and along with this you also get to see different types of games in it. And the best thing in this is that you have also been given Ludo Game and you have also been given IPL game in it, so the following is the list of all the games inside this application.

Rummy Modern Pro Games
Rummy Modern Pro Games
  1. ICC T20
  2. Dragon vs Tiger
  3. Car Roulette
  4. Crash
  5. Roulette
  6. 7 Up Down
  7. Zoo Roulette
  8. Andar Bahar
  9. Teen Patti 20-20
  10. Baccarat
  11. 3 Card Poker
  12. Rummy
  13. Best of Five
  14. Black Jack
  15. Fruit Line
  16. Andar Bahar Go
  17. Fishing Rush
  18. Poker
  19. 10 Cards
  20. Variation
  21. Ludo
  22. Teen Patti

Note :- Inside this application, you get to see different types of pies, in which you can play Teen Patti and Ravi, and apart from this, there is also a lot of different different types of games, which will make you people gaming experience even more. Will inhale more and with this you guys have to keep in mind that these games involve financial risk and can make you addicted.

ICC T20 Game

Rummy Modern Pro ICC T20
Rummy Modern Pro ICC T20

You will have the opportunity to compete in a high-quality sporting event while you are using the Rummy Modern app. The app for Modern Rummy is fantastic. Since the first game of the World Cup 2022, which is being held in Australia, has begun, you are free to choose your own players and wager on how well they will do. If you increase the amount that you bet, the rate at which your profit and commission increase will remain the same.

You can also send this to your friends by using the option provided by the program to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform of your choosing. Please read this article in its entirety if you are interested in finding out more information regarding the topic.

Rummy Modern Pro Sign-Up Bonus

rummy modern apk

Rummy Modern Apk is also an app in which a bonus of ₹51 is given to you on creating an account, and apart from this you can also get many types of bonuses inside this app which is quite amazing, In this, you get opportunities to get the following different types of bonuses and different types of programs are given –

  1. If you guys create an account inside this app then ₹51 is given as Sign-Up Bonus.
  2. In the second, if you refer any of your players, then there is a chance to claim ₹ 100 bonus on each player’s Invite. If recharge of ₹1000 is done through your foot.
  3. Inside this, you can claim the amount of Daily Bonus daily without any investment, in which you can get any random amount.
  4. Inside this Rummy Modern App, you can get up to 30% commission under Chips Bonus on recharge and earning done by players.
  5. And if you guys have received bonus, then out of those Refer Bonus received, you also get Weekly Bonus which you guys can get every Monday.

If you guys want to get the bonus inside this application which is provided by the company, then for that you have to create an account inside this application, for which you will create an account through the following paragraph, then you have to will get this bonus

How to Create Account in Rummy Modern Pro?

cash teen patti apk create account

If you guys are also very much interested in playing this game and you guys want to create your account inside this game and want to get the bonus found in it, then you guys can easily create your account inside this application. For which all you need is your mobile number, with the help of which you can create an account, the methods of creating an account are as follows –

  • Step 1:- First of all you have to download this application and install it inside your smartphone.
  • Step 2 :- After that as soon as you open this application, you will see many games in front of you.
  • Step 3 :- To create an account, you have to click on the profile button above on the left side.
  • Step 4: – On which you will see a BIND button in the Binding section, by clicking on which you have to enter your mobile number and set a password, then confirm after filling the otp.
  • Step 5 :- Now you guys have successfully created account inside this application in which you will get 41 ₹ bonus.
  • Step 6 :- With the bonus of this bonus you can play the game, if you want to withdraw after completing this bonus immediately, then your chances of getting the withdrawal are very less.

By adopting the above 6 steps, you will be able to create an account inside this application and you will also be able to enjoy all the programs in this application, then follow all the above states and you can easily create your account inside this Rummy Modern Pro.

Rummy Modern Pro Apk Withdrawal Program Solution

rummy modern apk refer & earn
Rummy Modern APK Withdrawal Problem

If you people also face problem in taking too much withdrawal inside Rummy Modern Mod Apk, whenever you want to complete withdrawal of ₹ 100 from your bonus, then your withdrawal will not be received, your withdrawal will be Rejected or Then you would have got Wagers. After all, why does this happen, this question runs in everyone’s mind and this problem comes with every player, when those people want to withdraw money by playing games, then to solve all these problems, you follow the following tips. can do-

  • Tips No.1 :- If you want to withdraw from the bonus (41 ₹) found in Rummy Modern app, then you will have to withdraw at least ₹ 600, the company says.
  • Tips No.2 :- If you guys want to withdraw minimum Rupees (₹100) then you need to recharge inside this game without recharge, then you can withdraw withdrawal.
  • Tips No.3 :- Whenever you win a lot of money by adding less money inside the game, then in such a situation the company suffers, so that is why it cancels your withdrawal.
  • Tips No.4:- If you use your same MId in different phones or you use two or more different accounts inside the same phone, then in this state it is yours. Withdrawals can be stopped.
  • Tips No.5 :- The best way to avoid withdrawal cancellation, you can talk to the company and you can also get away from this Withdraw Problem by calling yourself a promoter.
  • Tips No.6 :- To apply withdrawal, you should not use the same payment method inside different Rummy Modern, otherwise the company tracks it after doing so.

If you people too often have such an account that there is a problem in withdrawal, then if you follow all these methods given above, then there will be a lot of chances that you will never cancel your account and you are related to it. Can also take customer support.

Share Bonus Program in Rummy Modern App

Rummy Modern Pro Share & Earn
Rummy Modern Pro Share & Earn

If you guys must have read our Bonus Program given above, then you should know that in this you also get a share bonus program, which is very good and in this you can get ₹ 100 on each friend’s invite. You can, now you can get this bonus only when you invite friends from your friends and if they have recharged ₹ 1000 or above, then only you will get this bonus. So you will not be able to claim this bonus.

With the help of this share bonus program, you can earn a lot of money because why is it programmed in this, if ₹ 1000 is recharged by your player, then you get ₹ 100 out of it immediately and the rest. Out of the money, you also get commission, all the information of which you can go inside the referral program, how you get commission in it.

Refer & Earn Program in Rummy Modern Pro Mod Apk

Rummy Modern Pro Refer & Earn
Rummy Modern Pro Refer & Earn

Within this game, you can get a very good commission under Refer & Earn. Refer & Earn is the only program in which you can get unlimited commission, and there is no limit to this commission for your peer. You can get up to 30% of the recharge done by you as commission, and you can also withdraw these commissions very easily through your bank.

To refer any of your friends, you can click on the green Refer & Earn button located on the home page, after that you will see the WhatsApp and Share buttons in front of you, by clicking on any of you people. Will share the Refer Link of this application with your friends, so that you will now be able to invite any friend.

If you people want to earn money by referring them inside this application, then after following the above steps, you will be able to earn money very easily inside this application, but you also have to keep in mind that referrers inside this application. Many people are making very good money by doing

Weekly Bonus Program

rummy 999 weekly bonus
rummy Modern weekly bonus

A program has been given inside this application, with the help of which if you earn a good amount of money through an agent, then you get a great program to take extra benefits for you, which is called Weekly Program, and If you earn a commission of more than ₹ 1000 with the help of this program, then you will be able to get additional commission on it, which is written in all the categories and information.

  1. Earn 1000 – 3000 & Get Weekly ₹500 Free
  2. Earn 1001 – 5000 & Get Weekly ₹1000 Free
  3. Earn 5001 – 8000 & Get Weekly ₹3000 Free
  4. Earn 8001 – 10000 & Get Weekly ₹6000 Free
  5. Earn 10001 – 15000 & Get Weekly ₹10000 Free
  6. Earn 15001 – 20000 & Get Weekly ₹15000 Free
  7. Earn 20001 – 30000 & Get Weekly ₹20000 Free
  8. Earn 30001 – 50000 & Get Weekly ₹30000 Free
  9. Earn 50001 – 80000 & Get Weekly ₹60000 Free
  10. Earn 80001 – 100000 & Get Weekly ₹100000 Free
  11. Earn 100001 – 999999999 & Get Weekly ₹200000 Free

Like you guys will be able to see in all the list given above that how you people are given weekly bonus in which you will be able to see that it goes from initial ₹ 500 to maximum, it depends on how much you guys How much commission do you get by referring more and there is a condition that you will be able to get these bonuses only if you people are also VIP 1 member, for this you need to recharge ₹ 500 for the first time

Progress Bonus Program

Rummy Loot Progress Bonus
Progress Bonus

Within the second application, you people get a program with the help of which you get a very good additional bonus on the increase in your weekly bonus, which is called Progress Bonus, and this bonus is available only when you get people’s weekly bonus. It is more than last week when your weekly bonus is double than last week then 50% of the higher amount is called Progress Bola of your people

To achieve this, you have been given a progress bonus section within the referral and non-referential section, inside which you will go, then you will show all the progress bonuses that you have made there. By clicking on the Claim button, you can claim it and you do not need to play any kind of game to withdraw it, the bonus for you people is 100% withdrawal Balance.

Add Money in Rummy Modern Pro

Right now, many of you friends are interested in doing an ad case, this is because for those people the bonus found inside this Modern Rummy is very less, then those people think that we can add some of our money inside it. If we can earn more money than that, then a PAY program has been given in this for you people, with the help of which you can add a minimum of ₹11 inside this application and the medium of joining is also very easy. You can follow the steps –

Rummy Modern Pro Add Cash Tips
Rummy Modern Pro Add Cash Tips
  • Step 1: – First of all you have to click on the Pay (Shop) button located on the home page.
  • Step 2 :- By which you will come to the Add Cash page of this app and there you will see different types of amounts.
  • Step 3 :- From which you can select minimum ₹ 11 and then click on “Add Cash” button.
  • Step 4 :- If you are doing Add Cash on people for the first time then you have to click on Proceed button by giving your email ID along with your name and your mobile number in KYC details.
  • Step 5 :- After that you people will come to the UPI payment page, in which you get the option of each type of UPI.
  • Step 6 :- In this you people will fill your UPI in the box with Enter UPI ID then click on Pay Now button.
  • Step 7 :- After that a payment request will come on the UPI App given by you people, on which you can add your money by making payment.

Warning :- If you people add your money inside the application, then you people should also keep in mind that you can be harmed in it and do not fall in greed or greed to earn more money or else you will do damage in it. And you have to play it wisely

Add Cash Additional Bonus Get in Rummy Modern Apk

Friends, if any of you people add any amount of money inside this app that is more than 500 yen, then you will get different amounts on it. If you add any amount of money that is More than ₹500, then you will get a very good additional bonus on it. Get different extra bonuses. The specifics of which are described in their entirety down below:

  1. Add Cash ₹1000 & Get 2% Extra Bonus
  2. Add Cash ₹3000 & Get 3% Extra Bonus
  3. Add Cash ₹5000 & Get 3.5% Extra Bonus
  4. Add Cash ₹8000 & Get 4% Extra Bonus
  5. Add Cash ₹10000 & Get 4.5% Extra Bonus
  6. Add Cash ₹30000 & Get 5% Extra Bonus
  7. Add Cash ₹50000 & Get 5.5% Extra Bonus
  8. Add Cash ₹100000 & Get 6% Extra Bonus

Note: You should not attempt to include any kind of moon sky in this game because doing so exposes you to the possibility of incurring financial loss and is therefore not recommended.

Withdraw Cash Program in Rummy Modern App

Rummy Modern Pro Withdrawal
Rummy Modern Pro Withdrawal

Ravi Mode is a very old company and if you do any kind of Withdraw in it, it gives it very easily. By reading this you can solve your problem. And if you guys make a withdrawal inside this game, then to make a withdrawal it is necessary to have at least ₹100 inside your game account, only then you people can put Withdraw inside this Rummy Modern Pro APK. To make a withdrawal, you guys follow the following steps.

Step 1: – First of all, before clicking on the Withdraw button on the home page, you have to keep in mind that ₹ 100 is present in your account.

Step 2 :- After that add bank details to whichever bank you want to take withdrawal from by clicking on +Bank Account.

Step 3 :- Then after the bank details are added, you have to enter your withdrawal amount in the Amount side and then click on Withdraw button.

Step 4 :- After doing all this your withdrawal will go into Processing successfully, in which you will get your payment after waiting for some time.

To make withdrawals inside this application, if you adopt some of the important estates given above, then it will be very easy for you people to make withdrawals in this application, then you should adopt all of them and without any hindrance Put withdrawals inside the application.

Rummy Modern Customer Care Number

Rummy Modern Pro Customer Support
Rummy Modern Pro Customer Support

Whenever you do any type of activity inside the game, then sometimes you face any problem in it, then you will definitely go to its related support, then you have nothing to worry about because Rummy Modern App Very good customer support has been given inside WhatsApp so that you can solve your problem by talking to the customer.

  1. Telegram (1) :- @RummyModernVips
  2. Telegram (2) :- @RummyModernVip

But we have supported the telegram given inside this application, if you want to take the support of WhatsApp, then for this you have to go inside the application and see because the support numbers keep changing according to the time.

Teen Patti JoyRummy Nabob
Rummy GoldsTeen Patti Baaz

Watch Video 👇

If you guys want to get some additional information related to this application or you guys want to watch this application live and want to understand this program, then for this you can watch this best video for people, which you have people. That every doubt will be cleared and you people will be able to know this application in a proper way.

Important Suggestion

If you people do not know how to play card games or you lose inside the engine, then you people must keep in mind one thing that whenever you lose some amount inside this application, then you will lose that amount. Do not try to recover or else you will get addicted to it and you will lose a lot of money inside it.

This is a type of online gambling application, inside which you get to see a lot of casino games and people who do not know how to play casino, then those people do not add their money inside this application at all, otherwise those people will be at a loss. Will go, avoid such damage


1. How much bonus do you get for creating an account in Rummy Modern?

Ans. In this, you are given a bonus of ₹ 41 for every new account created.

2. How to Download Rummy Modern Pro App?

Ans. To download this app, you can download it by going to the Rummy Modern Download section and clicking on the Download button.

3. How Many Type of Game is Rummy Modern Pro Mod Apk?

Ans. You get total 22 types of games inside this app.

4. What is our minimum amount we can add in Rummy Modern Mod App?

Ans. As you guys have to go to the Add Cash program that you can add a minimum of ₹ 11 inside this app.

5. How do I get the VIP Weekly Bonus inside the Rummy Modern app?

Ans. According to the rules of this application, if you people go to the level of vip-2 or above, then only you will be able to take advantage of this vip weekly bonus.

6. How many recharges are required in Modern Rummy Pro app to get weekly bonus?

Ans. With a minimum deposit of ₹ 500, you will move to VIP 2 and you will also start getting the weekly bonus.

7. How can we get ₹41 bonus inside Rummy Modern Pro app?

Ans. Whenever you people will create a new account with any number, then you will get this bonus of ₹ 41.

8. Will we get a chance to claim progress bonus in this Rummy Modern Pro APK?

Ans. No, there is no such program given in this, with the help of which you can get the progress bonus.

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