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Jeetzo Rummy Apk :- In this Article, all of you will look into it, so please do not hesitate to read it. Teen Patti Jeetzo will give you a Rs 51 signup bonus if you download their app and join up for an account with them. In addition to this, you will receive a commission of thirty percent for every successful reference you make.

jeet zo rummy app
jeet zo rummy app

I have made more than Rs.1700 by using this Jeetzo APK platform, which does not cost me anything. Simply click here to begin the download right away. Within Jeetzo Rummy APK, you will have the opportunity to participate in online games of Rummy and Teen Patti with other real people.

APK Name :JeetZo APK, Jeet Zo Rummy APK
APK Package Size :23.33 MB
Rating :⛧ 3.2 Rate
Sign-Up Bonus :Rs. 88
Min. Withdraw :Rs. 100

Download the Jeetzo Rummy APK here.

JeetZo APK
JeetZo APK

You don’t need to make an initial financial investment in order to start earning with the Teen Patti Jeetzo app; all you need to do is share the game with your friends to get started earning through referral programs. You have the option of either using this reward to play games in order to earn money or withdrawing it directly into your bank account. Despite this, the lowest amount that can be withdrawn is 100 rupees.

This Jeetzo Rummy APK can be used in the following languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Jeetzo Rummy APK is capable of running in any one of these languages. You will be able to learn how to play the Teen Patti Game and the Rummy Game if you obtain all of the information you need about those games from this location.

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How Can I Register for Jeetzo Rummy and Receive 88 Rupees?

To create an account inside Jeetzo Rummy APK, you people must have a mobile number of your own, after that you can create an account inside the Jeetzo Rummy APK which makes a lot of people and you people will also make enough from gold if you have If there is a problem, then now follow the concept of the regulation given below and create an account.

  1. To begin, make sure you have the Jeetzo APK downloaded.
  2. Now open the Jeetzo Rummy APK and register for it.
  3. Launch the Jeetzo Rummy APK, and place a bid on your mobile number.
  4. To accomplish that, select Guest > Bound from the menu.
  5. Then you will need to input your mobile number, followed by the OTP, to verify it.
  6. Your account has been updated immediately with the sum of Rs.88.
  7. After you have instantly bound your mobile number, you will receive Rs.88 in your wallet, which you can then use to play games.
  8. Now, you need to deposit at least 11 rupees into your wallet.
  9. Play the Games Now, Including 7 Up Down and Dragon vs. Tiger
  10. You can begin your betting with ten rupees (Rs.).

Jeetzo Rummy Supported Games

jeet zo rummy app Game
jeet zo rummy app Game

You will have access to a total of 24 different types of Teen Patti and Rummy games to play when you participate in Teen Patti Jeet Zo. Participating in any of these card games and placing bets while you play gives you the opportunity to earn money if you are successful. The information that you need to know about each of the games that may be accessed through this Jeetzo Rummy APK will be presented to you in the following section.

  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Car Roulette
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Roulette
  6. Deep Sia Awakening
  7. Rummy
  8. Win Go
  9. Baccarat
  10. Zoo Roulette
  11. Teen Patti 20-20
  12. PUBG
  13. Honor of Kings
  14. ACE War
  15. Black Jack
  16. 10 Cards
  17. Fruit
  18. Matka
  19. Warcraft Roulette
  20. Andar Bahar
  21. Duel of the Sea King
  22. Andar Bahar Go
  23. Best of Five
  24. Red vs Black

You people will get financial risk in the games given inside these applications, then you must keep in mind that you can also have a lodge inside these games and you have to play this game thoughtfully and this game is only 18 years old. only for more people

Information Regarding the Jeetzo Rummy New Offer

If you people are not able to know whatever updates are given to you about Jeetzo Rummy APK, after reading all the list given below, you will also be able to understand and understand all the programs of this Jeetzo Rummy APK. be able to use correctly

  1. Members who are already qualified do not need to submit an application. At nine in the morning local time in India, the member will receive an email on his or her member account with a link that allows them to access the terms and conditions of the membership contract. The time it took India to resolve IME will determine the outcome of this exercise.
  2. All members who share the same name, mobile phone number, or IP address are considered to be the same person and the company reserves the right to withhold any bonuses that would otherwise be due to them.
  3. Our company reserves the right to cancel the member’s preferential prizes and the origin of the corresponding profits and to freeze the member’s account if it is discovered that a member has used dishonest means to collect preferential prizes.
  4. If a member takes advantage of our offer, they are indicating that they accept the terms and conditions outlined above.

Tricks for Playing the Dragon vs. Tiger Game in Jeetzo Teen Patti App

JeetZo APK Dragon Vs Tiger
JeetZo APK Dragon Vs Tiger

Do you have trouble playing dragon tiger game if you have trouble playing this game then don’t worry you guys can play it very easily just you have to follow the following given methods to play it and the game to participate in

  1. When placing a wager, you have the option of selecting “Dragon” or “Tiger.”
  2. Choose to bet “Tiger” bet amount: 10.
  3. If the wager on “Tiger” is unsuccessful, the amount of the wager will be changed to 30.
  4. If your wager on “Tiger” is unsuccessful, you can select the amount of your stake, which is 70.
  5. If your wager on “Tiger” is unsuccessful, you can select the amount of your stake, which is 150.
  6. If the “Tiger” bet was successful, you should adjust the amount you invested and place another bet of ten dollars.
  7. If you win at one of them, you can continue to choose 10 to bet on in subsequent rounds.

“Andar Bahar” Game in Rummy Jeet zo Game

The information that you require to get started with Andar Bahar is included in our guide. This contains the guidelines, the rewards, the odds, the side bets, and any other variations.

  1. We enjoy playing Andar Bahar for a variety of reasons, some of them are listed here.
  2. The odds of coming out on top are roughly equal to 50 percent.
  3. Every participant has an equal shot at taking home the prize.
  4. It may be played at both online and traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.
  5. The advantage of the casino can be as low as 2.15 percent.
  6. The language of Andar Bahar is simple to pick up.

“7 up Down Game” Tricks in Jeet zo Rummy application

JeetZo APK Ander Bahar
JeetZo APK Ander Bahar

After Dragon Tiger, the second very good and popular game comes 7 Up Down, which if you want to play, then its program is almost only seen as CM, which is similar to Dragon Tiger, then you guys have your own type of following. By doing this scheme can also be played for a long time.

  1. The rules of the game are straightforward; all you need is luck to win (and, of course, a mobile phone with internet access). On the Lucky Games website, you have the opportunity to enjoy the game Under/over 7, which is commonly referred to as “7-up-7-down.”
  2. If you choose to wager on the likelihood of a number higher than seven, you will be successful if the total of the faces on the die is 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 in any case.
  3. If you choose to wager on numbers that are less than seven, the total of your winnings will be 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. The third possibility is to select to invest your money in a total of 7, which has a one-in-six probability of being forfeited, making this choice the most dangerous but also offering the most lucrative return.
  4. You have the option to play dice games online if you enjoy the activity, wish to put your luck to the test, and increase your financial standing by winning some or a lot of money.
  5. This is a very straightforward game, and its foundation is the likelihood that the total of the faces on two dice will be less than, greater than, or equal to the number 7. Any sum can be wagered at any of these three odds; the maximum and minimum bet amounts are the only ones that are taken into account.
  6. If you place your wager in either For 7 Down or 7 Up with a total value of Rs. 500, you will receive Rs. 500 regardless of the game you won (over 500 you bet).
  7. As the winning amount for Lucky 7, you will receive one thousand rupees (more than 500 by your bet).

The Jeetzo Rummy app Tricks of “Fruit Line Game”

First, you will spin the game, and if three of the same fruit appear in a row, you will win the match. Next, you will play the same game, and if sometimes a diamond appears, you will receive 6 or 8 free spins and be eligible to win more money, ranging from ₹150 to ₹500 rupees. In order to participate in Fruit Line Game, you need to have a minimum of 0.9 Rs.

The Teen Patti Jeetzo App VIP Bonus.

Jeetzo Rummy APK VIP Program

Friends Jeetzo Rummy App users who are enrolled in the VIP program will be able to view an option that allows them to earn bonus points after making a purchase. To do this, look for the option that says VIP; once you do, click on it, and you will be taken to a page where you can buy Jeetzo Rummy VIP.

Bonus for Making Progress: The Progress bonus is a new feature that has been added to Teen Patti Jeetzo Apk. This feature allows you to earn Extra Income based on whether or not your weekly referral income for the current week is higher than the weekly referral income you earned for the previous week. If you want to activate VIP Bonus in your account, you will need to recharge 500 if you want to do so.

Refer & Earn Program in Jeetzo Rummy

9F Rummy APK

If you people want to earn a lot from them by promoting online games, then even inside Jeetzo Rummy APK, you get to see the same very interesting program, with the help of which if you invite any other player, then they can play the game through them. On playing you will get to see a very good commission, which if you want to understand then follow the following given methods

  1. Proceed to the Refer a Friend and Earn Section.
  2. Share the referral link with your friends so that they can join. You are free to distribute your referral link using any way you like, including WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram.
  3. When your pals tie their mobile numbers, they will each receive Rs. 41.
  4. You will also receive Rs.100 once they have successfully registered and completed the verification process.
  5. You will also receive a commission equal to thirty percent of their total tax liability.

JeetZo Rummy APK Share Program

Jeetzo Rummy APK share bonus

You can use the share button that is located on the main page of the JeetZo Rummy APK application. You have the potential to make an unlimited amount of money if you convince an increasing number of individuals to use this programme and if you share it with those people using the share button. For every successful reference that you bring in, you will receive a commission of 270 for joining this application. In addition to this, you will receive a commission of one hundred yen for each and every valid referral that you send our way via this method. If the individual making the reference deposits at least one thousand Japanese yen into the account of the person they referred, the referral will be considered to have been successful.

  • Before you can begin earning money through recommendations, you will first need to copy the URL to your referral page.
  • Send the referral link to your friends, relatives, and any other individuals you know who could be interested in using our application right now. This is the right time to do it.
  • If you want other people to join your referral programme, you should immediately copy your referral link and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
  • to ensure that a growing number of people are able to register for this application by making use of the referral link that you post on your website.
  • Your income will increase in direct proportion to the number of new users who sign up by using the referral link that you put on your website.

How to Add Money in Teen Patti Jeet zo App

Jeetzo Rummy APK

If you people are not able to refer then you people get another option to play the game because we also charge money to play, so if you guys want to add some money inside it then add cash program has been given for this. With the help of you people can add some of your money inside it and to add you follow the following methods

  1. Launch the application, then tap the plus sign next to the total number of play chips.
  2. Choose the quantity of chips that you would like to purchase.
  3. To add chips, click the Add Chips button.
  4. Now, choose the web browser that you’ll use to carry out the remaining steps of the payment process.
  5. After entering your name, email address, and mobile number, click the Proceed button.
  6. Now all that’s left to do is pay using one of the many different methods of payment that are accessible.

Money Withdraw Program in Jeetzo Teen Patti App

Jeetzo APK

The quickest and easiest way to withdraw money is one of the most appealing aspects of this application because it gives users that option. A minimum payment of one hundred yen can be withdrawn from here. In addition to this, the funds from your payment are deposited into your bank account within the same day that payment is withdrawn.

  1. From the homepage, select the Withdraw option.
  2. The lowest amount that can be withdrawn from Teen Patti Jeetzo is one hundred rupees.
  3. The next step is to add your own bank account.
  4. After that, you will need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw and then click the “Withdraw” button.
  5. Your cash will be deposited into your bank account within the next twenty-four hours.

Disclaimer of Liability and Limitation of Responsibility:

In all these games, you people get car games, which means that if you people play by putting your money inside these applications, then you also have a risk in it, then you people must also take care of this. And this game is only for those people who have more knowledge about such card games, it is better if other people do not play such games.

And friends, let us also tell you that there is a risk involved in all these games, but apart from this, this game is only for those people who are people above 18 years of age.

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Safe Program in JeetZO Rummy APK !

Jeetzo Rummy APK

You have been provided with a secure software within this application. If you do not choose to participate in the game, you can use this software to place the money in a safety deposit box, and when the appropriate moment arrives, you will be able to get it. People can also totally withdraw, and in order to adopt all of this process, this software has been offered within this application. This unity game also appears to be a more excellent program, and you people can also utilise it very easily. People can also withdraw entirely.

In order for you to use this software, a save option has been provided on the home page itself. If you click on this button, you will be able to store all of your balances within this application, all of those balances will be stored within this deposit box, and time will pass. You also have the option to delete it after you arrive, which is referred to as the Safe program within this application.

Refund Policy of Jeet zo Rummy

After the chips have been distributed, we are unable to issue refunds. Please get in touch with the customer care team if for some reason your chips have not been granted; in that case, your chips will be granted as soon as possible.

In the event that we are unable to provide you with chips, we will begin the process of returning your money to you within seven business days. If you are given a refund after the chips have already been given to you, then your account will be frozen even after the balance has been paid in full.

Customer service for Jeet ZO APK ?

Jeetzo Rummy APK

You have been provided with a program of online service within the Teen Patti Jeet Zo Rummy App. Under this application , you are able to seek online assistance for any kind of problem or any kind of bugs that occurred within this application; however, there is a lot of interesting support included in this. You have been provided with the program which you are able to take advantage of one-on-one service. However, in order to do so, you are required to become a VIP member within this application; once you have achieved this status, you will be able to make use of the application’s superior customer support.

Within the framework of this application, the possibility of receiving assistance from a customer service representative has been made accessible to you. You are encouraged to get in touch with the direct customer care officer in the event that you experience any kind of difficulty while utilising this application. If you choose the customer support option that is presented on the homepage, you will be given the opportunity to engage in direct live chatting with a customer service representative from the visit card company. You will be able to speak with a customer service representative of the visit card if you select this option.

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Jeetzo Rummy Apk (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. How Should Your Income Be Transferred?

Ans. Given Bellow

  1. Launch the Jeetzo Rummy app on your device.
  2. Select the option to withdraw your money.
  3. Tap on the Chips to UPI or Chips to Bank option on the screen.
  4. Select either the +UPI or +Bank Account option.
  5. Please enter your information in accordance with the Options you have selected.
  6. After you have entered your information, enter the total amount you wish to withdraw.
  7. Tap the icon labelled “withdraw.”
  8. After It Is Completed

Q.2. Is It Safe to Use the Jeetzo Rummy App?

Ans. The Teen Patti Jeetzo app has a perfect reputation for reliability and safety. Your winnings from this app are available for withdrawal at any moment.

Q.3. Is it possible to get our money back from Jeetzo Rummy App?

Ans. You can certainly transfer any money you win on the Jeetzo APK platform into a bank account if you choose to do so.

Q.4 What is the phone number for Jeetzo Rummy customer service?

Ans. In this application you can get online customer support

Q.4. How much is the bare minimum need to withdraw?

Ans. The bare minimum is ₹100/-.

Q.5. What is the Highest Amount That You Can Withdraw From the Teen Patti Jeet zo App?

Ans. You Have the Potential to Make an Unlimited Income.

Q.6. In Jeetzo Rummy APK, how much of a bonus do you earn for each Invite?

Ans. Every 20 Invites Get Rs.2000

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